POD: Overnight in the ER

Today’s picture of the day is probably the earliest I’ve taken once since I started taking a picture every day. I took it last night while Jacob was in the ER, he was just falling asleep after they had taken some blood to run tests. They left the needle in, just in case they needed more blood or wanted to run an IV later. It turned out to be helpful because later the doctor wanted Jacob to take a steroid to help with his hives. Thanks to the IV we didn’t need to wake him try to make him take it. We spent the entire night in the ER, waiting for the pediatrician to have a look at him. When they arrived in the morning the Diagnosis was pretty quick. It seems he had a rare reaction to the antibiotics he was taking for an ear infection. It’s called Serum Sickness and it affects 1 in 10 million people, and though it could flare up again over the next few weeks, he is on the mend and should be making a full recovery.

Some bonus pictures taken through the long night:


2 thoughts on “POD: Overnight in the ER

  1. I hope your little guy is recovering well. I have to tell you this is very strange though–he is the fourth child I’m aware of in the last year or so, including my own son, who has had a bad reaction to an antibiotic following an ear infection. I actualy wrote a post on my blog just last week about my son’s outbreak of hives that happened this time last year. A close friend of mine went through the same thing with her son, and my neighbor’s grandson made a trip to the hospital as well. For something that is supposed to occur so rarely, what are the odds of that? Again, I hope your little guy is feeling better now.

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