Christmas Eve 2011

Last week was Christmas, and though I shared a great picture of Santa when he came to our house. I didn’t share any pictures of our celebrations with family either at Melissa’s Dads or any of the kids putting out milk and cookies for Santa’s return. We have some great traditions for our little family on Christmas Eve and Christmas day that I really enjoy sharing with my kids.

 We started the evening with getting some pictures of the kids in front of the tree, before we headed out to Melissa’s dads for our traditional Christmas Eve lasagna. Usually I would have pictures of the meal, but for some reason I didn’t bring the camera out till later in the evening when the kids started opening there presents. It’s a shame because we had a nice visit and a great dinner before the presents.

 The kids were pretty good about taking turns with the presents, though at times they needed to be reminded.

 Violet seems very interested in Jacob’s gift

Jacob sure was, he could hardly contain his excitement at getting The New Super Mario Brothers Game for the DS

He headed right over and gave GrandPa  a big hug and said thank you.

Then it  was Violet turn to give GrandPa a hug.

 Then Jacob went in for a second round, he was really excited about his new game.

One of our biggest regrets we have after most events is that we never get a family picture. This time was different, well mostly. It was a great night, though it was a little different without Melissa’s brother who couldn’t get into town untill Christmas Day. Perhaps next year he’ll make it down for Christmas Eve.

 When we got home it was time to get into PJ’s and put out the milk and cookies

 Jacob insisted on pouring the milk

 A final picture of the kids with the cookies before we head up to read the Night Before Christmas and bed to wait for Santa to Arrive.

 The last picture of the evening is of the tree with all the gits, I snapped it in the night after Santa had dropped off all his gifts. I had hopped to snap a few pictures of Santa putting out the presents, but he was too quick for me.





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