POD: Afternoon at the Park

With the weather turning cold afternoon’s in the park are becoming less common. In fact with the rain we had this morning I didn’t think we’d have time in the park at all today, but on the way back from the corner store the kids convinced me to head over to the big park so they could play. While they played I watched and snapped a few pictures. It was great that we had that time outside today, of course they both are waiting for snow. I think this year Violet will really love playing in the snow, but till it’s here I’m glad to have time outside.

A bonus picture of the kids sharing a ride on the swings:

One thought on “POD: Afternoon at the Park

  1. Cool. I visited family in Sweden……it gets cold there and very early it gets quite dark. Like 3PM. In October. But yet, on quite a cold day, everyone was outside! I guess this is largely due to the fact that all they have over there is little tiny houses to be cooped up in. And they don’t like that as much as being outside. My cousin said they take the kids out every day, no matter how cold it is. Only thing that will keep them inside is rain or strong winds. So try it! Take the kids out even when it’s cold.

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