POD: Violet’s first time on Ice

Ever since I took Violet to watch Jacob skating I’ve known she’s wanted on the Ice. When ever I let her walk around the rink she would always right to the gate to get onto the ice (Project 365-192: Let me onto the ice… and Project 365-290: Let me in..). Today she got the chance and she loved it. The whole family went with Nana and Papa to the Colonel Sam Smith Ice Trail for an afternoon of skating. Both kids were excited to be skating outside for the fist time.  Violet do amazing for her first time. She kept wanted to  if anything she was to excited and was trying to be off and skating before she was stable on her feet. I’m sure after a few more times she’ll be skating circles around me. I must admit, I really enjoyed skating around the figure eight. I think perhaps I should get out on the ice more this winter, and maybe I could keep up with the kids as they learn to skate.


Some bonus photos from the day on the Ice:

 Violet couldn’t wait to get out on the ice.

 Papa helps Jacob down the stairs

 Violet skates with Daddy

Of course there was more time with Papa

 Jacob skated the figure eight alone

 And with Nana

 Nana and Papa skated together

 Our final picture is Papa watching as Violet climbs to her feet




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