POD: Final game of the year

From Pictures of the Day 2012

Today was Jacob’s last hockey game of the year. His team came up just short of winning it all. Loosing the second game of the best of three 2-1. The winning goal was scored in the last minute of the first overtime. It was a great game to watch and though Jacob ended the season without a goal, he tried hard and had a few close shots. He did manage to get player of the game one week as well as an assist. Watching his improvement during the season has been great.

For bonus photo’s we have a picture of the trophy Jacob brought home, and the original shot of today’s picture of the day.

One thought on “POD: Final game of the year

  1. It was more exciting to watch than a Leaf’s game. I watched Jacob in November and then not again until last week. What an improvement. He doesn’t even look like the same kid out there on the ice. Thanks for inviting me to the game.

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