POD: Violet’s Surgery

From Pictures of the Day 2012

Today Violet headed into the operating room to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. It was a long day with us arriving at the hospital around 6:30am and not leaving till after 6:30pm. Watching my little girl go off with the nurse was harder than I expected, then to top it off the surgery seemed to take longer then we expected. Of course that was probably in our minds and everything went smoothly. There were some rough patches, but she’s home now and seems to be mostly herself. Tough she’s clearly still in a lot of pain at times. Of course spending the day at the hospital kept me from finishing off my Monday Post for today. There were a few minutes where I tried to write it up I just couldn’t focus. So unfortunately you’ll have to wait till next Monday for another installment of my Mobile Monday posts.


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