Dear Jacob


My little man, each day you are less a boy and more a man. How much you have grown and changed. This has been a summer of new things for you and our family, I love how you embrace each one as they came along.  As I look back on it now it seems like it’s been a year of changes. Some of them harder to understand then others, but you got through it. We got through it as a family.

It thrilled my heart last winter when you told me you wanted to play baseball again this summer. I thought you looked great in your uniform. You tried every game and every at bat you swung with purpose and even though you didn’t always get a hit you were always ready to get back out there and give it another try. I hope that next summer you will head back out on the diamond.
Watching you lace up your skates every week brings me pride. I know at times it’s a challenge for you out there. You aren’t the fastest skater on your team but you try hard week in and week out. The games and practices can be early in the morning, but that seems easier for you the me. Keep at it, the hard you try the better you will get.


I find your love of school inspiring, I hope you never lose it. I understand that it can be hard to stay focused to all the lessons or to keep your desk organized, I just want to you to try. Remember it’s worth the effort. What you learn at school is the foundation for your life.

Through out your life your Your interests will change and grow . What’s all important one day could be uninteresting the next.I don’t say this lesson how important things are to you, just to give you some perspective. Even knowing that interests change I want you to embrace your passions they keep life exciting. Of course you have to find a balance of passions and responsibilities.

Always remember that I love you and will always be here for you no matter what.

Love Daddy

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