Dear Violet


All summer long I have watched you grow up, you are becoming so independent.  Until something happens and you want your Daddy (or Mommy). Of course even when you want us, you aren’t always ready to tell us the real reasons. When you fell from the bouncy castle it was hours after you hurt your self that you would admit to us that you were in pain. Insisting even as we were driving to the hospital that your arm was fine. Of course now we know you broke your collar-bone and shoulder.


Last week you started Senior Kindergarten. I can’t believe that it’s here already. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital. Makes me wonder where the years have gone. When we reach these big milestone, I usually take some time to reflect. With the reflection I try to write you a letter, something you can look back on and know that I’m always thinking of you. I’ve missed some milestones, it’s not because I didn’t want to write, it is just I can’t always find the word. This time is no different, I started writing this weeks ago, and until now the words have failed me.


I want to say how proud of you I am. How I know you will meet the challenges that you have before you as a strong and confident person and surpass them. Watching you cope with your arm in a sling is inspiring. It’s important to remember your breaks will heal and though it will be difficult at times this will make you stronger.

This week you started dance again, and watching you in your class brought joy to my heart. You see so happy in class following along, trying to do all the arm movements even when it clearly wasn’t easy. As you heal I’m sure it will get easier and you will shine. I love how excited you are to be tap dancing again. The only thing that disappointed me last year your change in dance schools was that you couldn’t continue doing tap. OF course this year you are starting a jazz class too. I hope you have a great year of dance.

Of all your winter activities I worry most about hockey. I know it’s probably the safest between the padding and how great of a skater you already are. This year you wont be the youngest member of your team. This year, we’re also looking at putting you into Hockey skills classes. I know you want to score goals this year, and I know you will try your hardest and remember it’s not about scoring goals out there, it’s about having fun and learning the game.


Senior Kindergarten is an important year, it bridges the gap from a learning through play to learning at a desk. This year you have a great teach to you across. You will learn amazing things during the year, and if they ever seem to hard or confusing I will be here to help you understand and over come them. I must admit I’m most looking forward to the snuggle up and read program. When you bring home books that we read together and then you do a little book report about it. I loved when Jacob would bring home books and we’d snuggle up in our big chair and he would read to me (POD: Snuggle-Up-and-Read).

Always remember that I love you and will always be here for you no matter what.

Love Daddy

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