Month: October 2014

POD: Halloween Haul Family

POD: Halloween Haul

Today was Halloween and boy did the kids have fun. Usually I have pictures of them in their costumes for my POD, but this year, with the weath…
POD: Stir Fry for One Family

POD: Stir Fry for One

Tonight I came home from work to an empty house, I don't remember the last time that happened. The kids were off on an adventure with their Na…
POD: Relaxing Ruby Dog

POD: Relaxing Ruby

Today I was working from home, during the day, Ruby curled up near my feet and slept. I captured today's picture of the day while she was relaxing.
POD: Evening Walk General

POD: Evening Walk

Tonight we have a picture of the sky that I took during an after work walk. I thought setting sun looked cool against the clouds.
POD: Violet and Ruby Dog

POD: Violet and Ruby

Yesterday was our Halloween Party and it occurd to us that Ruby did get a change to show off her costume. So today Violet posed with our Supper Puppy,
POD: Special Brews Family

POD: Special Brews

Today we celebrated Halloween early, with Friends, Family, and a lot of kids. It was what will likely be our first annual Halloween bash. We h…
POD: Quite Evening Family

POD: Quite Evening

Today was a quite evening for our little family. Violet fell asleep early and Jacob (and I) played some Minecraft. I captured this picture bef…
POD: Pick your Posion General

POD: Pick your Posion

This morning I went to get a coffee in a clients launch room, and for a moment I was a little leery of actually drinking it. Of course after t…
POD: Silly Jacob Family

POD: Silly Jacob

I captured today's picture of Jacob while heading home from this evenings swimming class. I tried to get a selfie of the three of us, but it d…
POD: Android Me Geeky

POD: Android Me

In honour of Google announcing Android 5.0 Lollypop I thought it would be fun to share my Android self from Googles Androidify app.
POD: My Work Desktop Geeky

POD: My Work Desktop

Today we have a picture of my desk at the office. To be fair I had a bit of an explosion of screens today. My work computer is the middle to m…
POD: Between the Pipes Family

POD: Between the Pipes

Today we were up before 6 to get to the rink in time for Jacob to be goalie, for the first and hopefully last time this season. He played hard…
POD: Night at the Spa Family

POD: Night at the Spa

Tonight The lady's of the house headed to the nail salon to get their nails done. It was so cute how excited Violet was to get her nails done.