Fatherhood Friday: On the mend

It’s been a long week,  first the waiting, followed by the surgery and the finally the recovery.  The surgery went well,  no surprises.  She was slow to drink after the surgery,  but she did manage to drink, with the help of magic fairly wings. It was hard watching her lay in bed, obviously in pain, but not being able to help her, but she pulled through it and watching some of the other kids who had their tonsils out that morning, she handled it amazingly.

Watching her the last couple of nights she seems almost like her normal self, singing along with Sofia the First, then something happens she swallows and she feels the pain, and comes running to mommy or daddy for comforting. It’s hard to watch her go through it. She’s been refusing Tylenol more often than taking it, so there isn’t much more we can do for the pain. Except offer it when she’s in discomfort or perhaps some ice water or a frozen treat. Still each morning she wakes up more herself and ready to face the day.

Through all of this Jacob has been a great big brother, worrying about his little sister and helping out where he can. Of course he seems to me having a little bit of an asthma attack over the last few days, highlighting the failure of our asthma clinic to get back to us for an appointment since the summer. Of course now that Jacob’s getting sick Melissa called the patient advocacy office and we were contacted within a few hours by the clinic. The good thing was he still had puffers on file at the pharmacy so  at least we can treat him till he can get to an appointment next week. We’re hopeful that we wont have a serious asthma attack any time soon, one trip to the hospital is enough for the holiday season.




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