Project 365-163: Temptation


When Violet was diagnosed with her allergy to all nuts I decided that the best way to be sure that she doesn’t come into contact with nuts would be to stop eating them myself. This would keep the it in mind when I’m around her. So far I’ve only been semi successful at this. I don’t take enough interest when I’m out. One thing that’s hard is at work there are often bowls of nuts out. I used to snack on them throughout the day. Today I found myself reaching for an almond and realised that I need to refocus. I need to cut nuts out, all nuts. I can’t just let it slide when Violet isn’t around. It’s like swearing, if I don’t want my kids to swear then I can’t swear whether I’m with them or not, because if I let my mind go there when they aren’t around, it will go there when they are. I might not mean to but it will happen and with nuts that could kill violet.

So why I’m I writing this. Well as of today I’m going nut free. That means not nuts and no food that my have come into contact with nuts. I plan on living my life as if I had the allergy.


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