POD: Playmobil Vacation


Ever since Jacob opened his Playmobil on his birthday he’s been asking me to put them together. I’ve been putting them together one at a time, after he’s completed some chores in his room and had a place for all the little pieces. Today I finished putting together the last one, his Vacation house. So it seemed only fitting that I should put together all the vacation sets he got for his birthday and use them for my Picture of the Day.  It’s quite an impressive collection, and that doesn’t include all the school sets he has up in his room.

One thought on “POD: Playmobil Vacation

  1. Hey
    Thanks for sharing the photo.
    These sets caught my eye, they are so colorful and bright.
    It could be that I am in the middle of Winter over here so part of me is dreaming of that warm kind of lifestyle :0)

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