POD: A Dog Day in the Park


With Spring weather finally here I didn’t want to spend the day in the house with the kids. So instead we headed down to high park for them to play in their favourite playground the Castle playground. Of course I couldn’t leave Ruby inside on such a lovely day. So while the kids played Ruby and I explored the huge off leash area. I have know that it was their since we got Ruby and I started paying attention to such things. Now that we’ve been there I foresee many visits this summer.

Ruby loved the freedom of walking without the leash, and she never strayed to far. She was excited to see the other dogs, but didn’t really want to play with them. She was happiest chasing after sticks and walking down the trails with me.

It also brought back a lot of memories from my youth. I spent many a summers and winter day wandering high park with friends and family. The off leash paths went right through the middle of some of my memories, and though I let the kids play in the Castle playground today during future visits I expect to have them walking with me and Ruby.


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