POD: Time to plan a fishing trip?


Today we were at Sail looking for camp supplies for the kids. While there Violet found the fishing rods. Well, not all kids are the same. Some kids like the outdoors, some kids don’t. She seemed really interested in them…

Before I take her fishing I need to know the territory, because kids will feel safer if they see that you’re comfortable with fishing. I’m thinking in either checking out the fishing spot or go fishing with the captain, once I choose a charter I like. first thing I’d do is try to meet other anglers who fish in the area, who know how to fish off a pier, and talk to them. They can help me out with choosing the best bait and spot.

I plan to start with a shorter trip,  keep it to a half day trip. We can do a lot of solid fishing in four hours and most kids will get bored by the time the trip is done anyway. No need to push them to the breaking point. Perhaps I’ll have to take her fishing one day…


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