Month: June 2016

POD: Sisters Dog

POD: Sisters

With the kids at Great wold Lodge with their Nana and Papa this weekend we had our own house guest. Ruby had a great time hanging with her sister,
POD: Turning 10 Family

POD: Turning 10

Yesterday our little guy turned 10. It's hard to believe that it's been ten years since he was born. Where has the time gone?
POD: Birthday Dinner Family

POD: Birthday Dinner

The ninth is Jacob's birthday, but he's going to a Blue jays game with his Nan so we celebrated the night before at his favourite restaurant.
POD: Vesta Burger Featured

POD: Vesta Burger

Yesterday I took a longer than normal lunch hour, that included dropping Melissa off at work. So while driving back to my office I couldn't he…