POD: When is Monopoly not Monopoly?

When I sat down with Jacob to play his new board game Monopoly Gamer, I expected a regular game of Monopoly with some Mario themed figures and locations. I was wrong. Sure there are properties you buy, but they’re only 2 in a set and you can’t buy houses or hotels. The money is Coins when you pass go you collect 2 coins, not 200 dollars. The dice are a regular 6 sider and a power-up six sider, so while the board is smaller it seems to take longer to go around it. What I’m trying to say is that it felt different than other monopoly games I’ve played, even more than the round Cars Monopoly Jacob got when he was younger. As someone who is kinda bored of the traditional Monopoly, it was a fun and refreshing change, and I can’t wait to play it with the entire family


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