POD: iPad’s Glow

From Picture of the Day 2013 Today on the way home from swimming I gave the kids the iPad to entertain them during the ride home. Seeing their faces illuminated by the glow of the iPad, I knew I had to capture the moment.

POD: Braiding

From Picture of the Day 2013 Ever since Violet’s unscheduled hair cut last fall (see here) we’ve missed being able to braid Violet’s here. Well it’s not much of one but it looks like we can braid it again.

POD: Beaver Scouts Investiture

From Picture of the Day 2013 Today Jacob had his Beavers Investiture, it was fun to watch him get his badges. Unfortunately they didn’t have enough scarfs so he’ll have to wait to get it. He seemed so excited to get his badge and scarfs clip.

POD: A Lunch without Turkey

From Picture of the Day 2013 Once again the day runs out without a picture, so I have today’s lunch for the kids. I decided to go against my first thought of sending them off to school with a lunch box full of Turkey left overs.

POD: Random acts of Kindness

From Picture of the Day 2013 Today we thought it would be a good day to show our kids that it’s good to think about others. So we picked up some flowers and took them to the some of Melissa’s friends who were unable to go home to see family during this thanksgiving weekend.

POD: Gobble Gobble

From Picture of the Day 2013 Today was the last day of school before Thanksgiving so Violet brought how her Turkey. I have to say It’s great to have a kindergartener again. I missed all the art that Jacob brought home when he was in kindergarten.