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POD: Stormy night

After a watching the weather reports and wondering if we’d have lacrosse practice all day we got to the field and after a little mishap with a slide, everything was going great. Till the storm rolled in. so for today’s picture of the day I thought I’d share some pictures of the clouds I captured.

POD: Sunday Lacrosse


Sunday’s has become Field Lacrosse day for Violet so you can expect to see many more Lacrosse pictures over the summer.

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POD: Saturday at the Ball Hockey rink


Yesterday we spent a chunk of the day enjoying the great weather while the kids played ball hockey. Both Violet and Jacob really enjoy playing. While Jacob enjoy’s playing, Violet excels at it. She’s got 15 points in 7 games. 5 Goals and 10 assists. Ranking her 5th in her division for assists.

POD: Violet’s lacrosse stick

Lacrosse Stick
I’m still trying to get back into the swing of this Picture of the day thing, so yesterday after practice I captured this picture of Violet’s Lacrosse stick.

POD: Mother Daughter Game


Yesterday was the last Wednesday night practice for Violet’s DS team. Instead of a regular practice it was a mother daughter game. Everyone had a great time. It was a shame that some of the Mom’s couldn’t make the game, I know Melissa was disappointed she had to work.

POD: Waiting for the puck


Yesterday was what I though was Jacob’s first playoff game. Turns out it was the last game of the regular season.  His team won and he played on of his best games of the season. Right after this picture was taken his team scored the winning goal. The puck came right past Jacob into the net, and while he tried to get his stick on it, he insists he did. Though I’ll wait to see the official stats, I like to think he scored


POD: Trying out the Lacross Stick


Today we have a picture of Violet chasing down a ball while practicing her newest sports interest, Lacross.

POD: Hockey Skills


After a weekend filled with hockey, it’s time to start the weeks hockey activity. It’s really not much, just a couple nights of practice. So for my Monday Picture of the day I thought these shots of Violet working on her hockey Skills would be good..

POD: Pre-game instructions


It’s the weekend and that means hockey for our little family. So for this picture of the day we have Jacob kneeling on the ice listening to his coach before last night game.

POD:Waiting for the puck to drop


Today we have a picture of Jacob, lined up waiting for the puck to drop for his early morning hockey game.