Babbling Baby

Violet is growing so fast. It seems like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital. It seems that every day there is something new. When I first saw her in the Exersaucer on the weekend I couldn’t believe that my tiny girl was holding her head up so well. Looks like Its almost time for the Bumbo chair.

Of course as she grows we compare her to Jacob. We look back trying to remember the fist time he went into his Exersaucer, or when he started holding his head up. This is natural, but misleading every child develops at their own pace and comparing only highlights there difference. If one child holds their ahead up at 3 months another at 4 all it tells you is that one held there head up earlier then the other and thats normal. All the books on baby development give large ranges for development milestones, for this very reason

One of the big differences between them is talking, or more accurately babbling. Jacob was a quiet baby he didn’t do much of the baby talk. Of course once he started talking he didn’t look back. Violet on the other hand likes to babble. She can sit in her baby chair and babble up a storm. In fact most nights before she goes into her bed for the night, she lies next to me on the couche and bables away. It’s like she is tell me about her day.

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