Enjoying the Fall

Today our little family headed out to Whittamore’s Farm at last getting to do one of the fall family outings that we planned. We left later then we usually would have because of a rough night of sleeping for Jacob.  We even thought about not going but the day was just to beautiful to waste.

Our Family

It was Violets first visit to Whittamores, so Mommy and Daddy had to get a picture with our little girl.

Melissa and Violet

At Pumpkin land with my little pumpkin and the rest of the family.

Leaving later might have had some hidden benefits, though the farm was busy it didn’t feel as crowded as it has in past years. Like when we went to find a table for lunch, the picnic area was almost deserted.

Jacob enjoys his lunch

We saw some animals, Wooden and real.

Jacob Eyes the wooden cow


The kids both found something to ride.

Jacob Rides a Tire horse


Of course with the crowd we had to wait in some lines

Daddy and Kids at Whittamore

And some things Jacob wasn’t big enough for


Of course there are lots of places to play




Of course what would be a trip to a Pumpkin farm without choosing a pumpkin. The kids were really helpful during the process. The one thing I can’t believe is that Violet is wearing Jacobs old Pumpkin hat.


Jacob with the pumpkins

Jacob and Violet with the Pumpkins 1

Jacob and Violet with the Pumpkins 2

All in all it was a great day at the farm. I just love family traditions.



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