Building Confidence on the Ice

Today was Jacobs 4th skating lesson. It’s been quite a ride, every lessons Jacob acts out in some why. Either before getting on the ice or during the lesson. Over all he’s been good but take today for example. He didn’t want to even put on his skates. We talk him into letting us put his skate on, and once they were on his feet he was walking around and seemed excited about going out on the ice. The lesson went great and he didn’t even want to leave the ice at the end of it. Which says to me that he might be a little scared of heading out onto the ice. Now whether it is falling or the cold. I’m not sure, but I’m hopping that all he needs is a little more confidence.

The more I think about it the more I am convinced that it is the same problem we’re having trying to get him to jump into the swimming pool.  He is scared but doesn’t know how to express it. What he needs is a little more experience so that he gets past the fear and gains confidence in his abilities.  The best way to do that is to get out on the ice and into the pool more. We have been planning to start going to an evening free swim on Tuesday nights. Perhaps we should look at finding a free skate on another night to get him out onto the Ice more then once a week.  We’ll watch his development over the next couple of weeks to see how he does. Then if he needs more ice time we’ll find a way to get him more ice time.


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