Cloud Gazing: First look at Foursquare

Last week I joined the social game site foursquare, I’ve been looking at it over the past few months wondering when it would come to Canada. So when I heard on Webnation that it had come to our fair city I joined up right away. Foursquare is a social gaming site where you virtually check-in to places you are. This alerts your friends and gains you points you have the more badges you unlock. The person who checks in the most at a place is granted the title of Mayor. It seems like it could be a fun way to interact with friends and random internet people.

Of course I soon released is that my old Windows Smartphone really isn’t really the best interface to play on. I’ve been trying to use the limited web interface to check in. I’ve managed to become the Mayor at my local TTC station and my Bank Branch near my work, but without a better interface or a bunch of my friends joining I don’t see using this on a regular basis.

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