Friday Night Coding

Tonight after spending some time with the kids, I sat down at my computer to make good on a goal I set for myself on Monday. To write more code. To complete an application every 2 weeks. I’ve been working on different things every night this week. It wasn’t till last night that I decided that though I really wanted to write the TTC Schedule App I didn’t have the patients to work out the all the details of the data. So I went to work on my Ping.FM application.


I’m happy to say that the first beta of the desktop application is almost done. It will support selecting of Posting Method and posting images. I’m not sure about the current interface, I’m still working out what I want it to look like. Once I’ve got this beta working, I’m thinking of working on a WPF interface and a Windows Mobile version.

I’m still not sure under what licences I will be releasing this, though I’m still leaning towards the GPL or a GPL compatible Creative Commons Licences, of course I’ll want to clean the code up a bit before posting it.


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