Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas?

We’re on the eve of the last weekend of November, Christmas is less then a month away. The Christmas windows are already out downtown, and all the stores seem to be playing Christmas music. So perhaps it’s time to decorate the house. Except when I look at the calendar and see that it’s still November part of me balks. I believe you should shouldn’t decorate for Christmas until December. Though it looks like this year I will have to brake that rule and start pulling the stuff out this weekend.

With the coming weeks filled with trips to the Santa Experience, Santa Train and Family events there just wont be time. Plus our little guy will be heading to Nana’s for a sleepover party tomorrow night. So there probably wont be a better time to pull the boxes out, setup the tree. We’ll wait till he’s home to decorate. I’ve also got to get our lights setup outside. We might be the only place with lights, but that doesn’t matter they look pretty and well Melissa likes having them.


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