Mission Accomplished!

With this post I’ve managed to post every day for 2 consecutive months. If you count the last day of September, that’s 62 days in a row. That’s more posts then I had done on my blog in the 4 months since I launched it in May. At times my posts have been lame, but overall I’m very proud of what I’ve been writing over the last 62 days. So now I have a question to answer, do I continue in December. NaBloPoMo is monthly so I could sign up again, plus there is the yearly challenge Holidailies, I’ve done it in years past and been thinking that I’ll do it again.  Of course it starts on the 7th, so if I skip NaBloPoMo I could have a break before gearing up for Holidailies. Of course that would mean giving up on my personal goal of 100 posts in 100 days.

Stay tuned to see which way I go.


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