Programming Update: Next up?

2 weeks ago I set out a new personal goal, a goal of writing some software. Today I had hoped to share a version of that software. Unfortunately there are 2 things keeping me from doing that. First the site I plan on distributing my software on is still in development. Second I’m still waiting for the API key my application uses to be approved for users other then me.

Till that time I’m moving onto my second project. I’m still trying to decide if I should revisit the TTC data, do a WPF interface for my unreleased client or go another way and work on software to run

As always I’d be interested in any suggestions from my readers. If there is an application you’d like to have, I’d be happy to have a go at programming it. Just drop me a comment with any suggestions. If I don’t get to it this week, there is always next time.


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