Project Management, is it worth it?

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been working on a little program for use with the Ping.FM servers*. It’s been a fun process but I’ve been doing it mostly by the seat of my pants. I have an idea of what I want the application to do and I’m writing it. It’s not a complicated application, but the further along in development it goes I’m finding it harder to manage both it’s over all  vision and the things that I need to do with it. Where there are bugs, what I’ve done and what’s left.

So I’ve been looking at different solutions online, but I’ve ran into a problem. All the solutions seem like too much work, specially when I’m the only developer. I also know from my attempts to add new tools for project management, they are useless unless the whole team is on board. Somehow that hasn’t been easier when it’s a team of just me. I’m thinking about using a software repository like Subversion or Git for my code and perhaps which ever service I choose for that will provide me with some basic project management.

Or perhaps I’ll continue to work with my random text files and entries in my Google calendar.  Do anyone out there have some recommendations?

*Hope to have a version available for people to download on Monday, just doing some more testing and waiting for a production key.


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