Relaxing Sunday

Today was a bit of a relaxing day… It started early, Jacob didn’t seem to care that we set the clocks back during the night, but at least Violet seemed to sleep a little later. So for a while before the women woke up, it was a tired Daddy and energetic little hanging out. It was a nice morning, though both Melissa and Violet joined us pretty early, before the adjusted 9am. Being Sunday Jacob wanted to go to church, he really likes Sunday school plus he enjoys singing in the church during Communion.

Melissa and I might have headed to church this fine morning, but we had plans to see our friends and their 1 month old. So instead of brining Jacob with use for a visit with friends, he went to church with his Nan, something they do together regularly. Between the TTC adventure to get there, the Sunday school and singing while there, plus any fun they get to afterwards its quite an exciting day for our little guy.

We had a nice visit with friend sand returned to a slipping child. We spent the rest of the day just relaxing. A nice way to end the weekend and begin the new month. I have a lot of plans for the new moths, plans I had thought about kicking off today, but as the day turned into one of relocation, I’ve decided to put off my big November plans until tomorrow. After all Monday seem like a better day to start something new then Sunday.


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