Software I use: Evernote

I first signed up for an account for Evernote last year, at the time I wasn’t impressed. I’m not sure what it was I didn’t like. Maybe it was the interface, have all the notes on a single page didn’t work for me. Maybe it was the limitations in the Windows Mobile Standard addition of the software. So after using it on and off for a couple of weeks I set it aside and went on to other note applications. But with the failure of my Mobile note taking a few weeks ago, I thought why not give it a second try.


It’s been 2 weeks since I reinstalled it on my computers and phone and I’m loving the simple-ness of the interface. To be fair I’m not doing much with the more advanced features, but the simple ability to take a note and have it synced with the web so that I can access it from any web browser or computer, I have the portable Evernote client on my memory stick, is just great. I highly recommend Evernote for anyone looking for a connected notepad.

I have yet to experiment with the Sharing and collaboration options, I’m thinking of seeing if I can get Melissa to use it. Then maybe I’ll be able to give them a try. I’ve also been looking for reasons to try the clipping options, but so far it’s mostly been a connected notepad for my phone. When I’ve sat down with more of the features I hope to revisit this useful app.


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