Trying to catch my nose

It’s been a blah kind of day, I’m feeling the worse I’ve felt all week. My sinuses hurt and my nose wont stop running. Beyond that I’m still feeling pretty good, and though I didn’t do everything that I wanted to do today I do do a lot. What I didn’t do was blog. So I find myself looking at the clock as the day winds down trying to come up with a post. Once again I think I’ll settle for a stump. A short update on my health and that of the families.

Enough about me on to the family, Melissa is on the mend, she seems much better today, and so do the kids. So with a bit of luck we will have a healthy family this week. I have some exciting news about Jacob’s development, but I want to do it justice so I’ll probably come in a post later in the week. In fact It looks like I’m going to have an interesting week of posts, with a bit about family, and a bit on some of my geeky pursuits. So stay tuned.


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