Computer Time

One of my childhood memories is sitting with my dad at the computer. At the time I was watching and learning what he was doing on the computer.  I remember learning some of the basics of computers and programming at his knee. So I find it great that Jacob now wants to sit on my lap and play on the computer. Its a special time that the two of use share. Right now that consists of exploring the different shows, games and videos on and We usually spend about 15 to 30 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week in front of the computer. He asks for it almost every day. Its great to have special moments to share with him, because he’s growing so fast, I can’t believe in just a month he’s starting pre-school, and before long it will be kindergarten. He’s growing up so fast.

Here is a call out to my readers. I’m looking for other things to share with him on the computer. Perhaps sites or programs that I could get that would help teach him how to use the mouse. He’s already typing, well hunting and pecking at the keys. He types in addresses of the sites we go to.  He loves Babysmash, so I’m looking for other things to engage him.


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