Project 365-007: An Evening With Trains

Trains 2010-01-07 002

Today while sitting downstairs I heard a little voice call, ‘Daddy I need your help’. So I went up to see what my little guy wanted. He wanted to do his train set in a different way, using the Firehouse.  So I spent an enjoy able evening with my son playing trains. We used a lot of the pieces he got for Christmas to put his track together in a way similar to how it looked on the box, but with our own touches. It’s a great way to spend an evening. The train table is one of Jacob’s favourite toys, it can be The Island of  Sodor when he’s playing Thomas and Friends, or its the track to the North Pole when he’s playing Polar Express. It’s a lot of fun for Jacob, Me and even Violet who likes to stand at the side and grab trains.

Bonus Pictures:  Trains 2010-01-07 005 Trains 2010-01-07 006 Trains 2010-01-07 008 Trains 2010-01-07 028


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