Project 365-024: A Show and Dinner

A day at Rent 2010-01-24 016

Today was a day for Melissa and I to relax and enjoy one of our Christmas presents. Tickets to Rent and a gift card to Bâton Rouge. The show was at 1, and it was great. It’s the second time Melissa and I have got tickets for Rent.  The first time was the Canadian Tour of Rent and though we enjoyed it some of the casting didn’t work for us. This time it was the Rent The Broadway Tour, with a number of actors who did the show on Broadway, including to of the original cast.  It was a much better show.

Dinner afterwords was great, a great cap to a great afternoon and worked out to be a great way to relax after all the hard work we had putting together Violet’s birthday. Of course going to a show like that makes us wish we could get out to more of them. We’re hoping to make getting out to the theatre more then a bi-yearly event. Currently there are 3 shows we really want to come back to Toronto so that we can see them, Wicked, Les Misérables and Avenue Q.

Bonus pictures for today are from outside of the theatre. Melissa thought we should obey the ban on taking pictures in the actual theatre so no pictures of the stage:

A day at Rent 2010-01-24 006 A day at Rent 2010-01-24 009

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