Project 365-032: Using a Mouse

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Tonight Jacob and I sat at the computer and I let Jacob take control. He took the mouse and picked which show’s sites we went to on PBS Kids. It’s interesting to watch him with a mouse. He holds it in two distinct ways, the first, is the photo of the day. The second is our bonus Picture. When he’s moving the pointer around the screen his hand is back on the mouse. Then when he clicks he lifts his hand and moves to the button. This causes the mouse  to slip some of the time making it a little frustrating for him. Occasionally he kept his had on the top of the mouse while he tried to move it around. I’ve been thinking about getting either a mouse for kids, or just a smaller mouse. To make it easier for him, but after watching him navigate around today, playing different games I wonder if he needs it. Perhaps I just have to give him a few pointers he will do just fine with a regular mouse. What do you think should Jacob have his own mouse? Something better suited to his small hands?

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