Project 365-047: Unfortunate Accident

IMG_2637 As part of the early spring cleaning Melissa and I are considering doing some rearranging. Moving My office from the Storage room at the top of the stairs to the Walk-In Closet in our bedroom. The perhaps turning the storage room into a kids toy depot. Some place for the bigger toys to have a home, perhaps a book shelf for the kids books. So tonight was spent measuring and organizing in preparation for the possible move. During one of the times I was in and out of my office I knocked a shelf I have stored against the wall across from my computer. It fell and though it didn’t hit my computer it it my Memory Stick that was plugged into the front of my computer. As I pulled the shelf off I had hopes that the stick would be ok, but when I pulled it out of the computer and saw it I new that it was toast.


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