Project 365-053-055: Playing Catch-up

Today we have a bit of a departure from my usual 365 posts. Here are my photos for the last three days. I spent the last couple of days at the hospital with our oldest child as he was treated for an asthma attack. Due to being between working cell phones, for much of the last few days I was unable to connect to the internet.  So here they are each with their own write-up.


Taken our first night in the ER. It was the first of many treatments to get his Asthma under control. Around 11:30 we were told that they wanted to admit him. It wasn’t until 6pm the next day that we got into a room.


Our second night at the hospital, we’d finally got a room and the asthma was mostly under control. We were there primarily for monitoring. I tried to get a picture of the room, but I was using a cellphone camera and it didn’t turn out.


I took today’s picture when I returned to the hospital to take back the incorrect discharge and prescription that I was given when we left earlier in the afternoon. I took the picture of the ambulance in memory of how we got to the hospital the first night.


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