Quick Note From the Wilds

Last night was a long night and unfortunately it didn’t end when the sun came up.  I would love to go into all the details today but circumstances are preventing that from happening,  for now here are view of the highlights.

Jacob was taken to the hospital because of an asthma attack and unlike earlier hospital trips, this tim the treatments did not do anything more than offer temporary help with his breathing.  So after hours in the ER the doctor wanted to admit him for treatment and observation. So, last night I left Jacob at the hospital with mommy and took violet home for the night.  In the morning I left Violet with my mom and headed to the hospital to relieve Melissa.  After a day of treatments, and waiting in the ER for a bed to become available we finally got a room in the pediatric ward.

So, now I sit in his room spending time with Violet, Melissa, and Lynn hand writing out tonight’s post because we disabled the data plans on our malfunctioning cell phones last week.  I have taken my project 365 photos and with a bit of luck, I’ll be able to get home tomorrow night with Jacob to post them and hopefully do a better update about our experience over the last few days.


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