Project 365-070: Standing Watch


There is something special the moment your kids first see you. There face light up and the smile and call your name. It happens most nights when I get home, but it always seems more exuberant when it happens outside. In a place where they might not expect to see you. It’s happened to me twice this week, the first at the bus stop near our house, I got off the bus and walked towards home, only to be stopped by Melissa calling me from the park. She and the kids where out to met me. It happened again today, though today it was at Islington station. I was meeting my mom with the kids so that she could head downtown for a meeting.  Hearing Jacob call out Daddy when he first saw me was priceless, thinking back on it now I wish I had thought to take a picture of it. Even Violet was all excited in the stroller as I walk up. These are the moments I cherish as a father.

Now about today’s picture, after meeting my mom and the kids at the subway  we took the long way home. It included a Subway, Train and Streetcar with trips to 3 playgrounds. It was a great spring evening. Though by the end it was getting a little cold. The photo is of Jacob while I was talking to him about coming in. Of course he was having too much fun playing with other children to want to come in the first time I called. But with a little coaxing and the help of one of the kids he came in for dinner without incident.

On our way home Jacob found some art to climb on Though as you can see, Violet was playing on it last fall.



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