Project 365-076: Jacob and the DS

Project365-076It’s strange how a toy can be forgotten for weeks but when it makes an appearance again it becomes their it’s like it never left. Jacob DS has been put away for the last little while so I was interested to see his reaction when I pulled it out today. It was immediate and happy. While playing with it he found Mini games in his Mario 64  that I hadn’t seen before. Games that he can play better than the full game. Games that keep him interested. Of course we also got a glimpse of the future tonight, when I first brought it out, he was sitting in the living room and Violet was very interested in what he was doing. So after a few minutes of trying to play around her, he said ‘I’m going to play up in my room’ and off he went. I know it wont be the last time Jacob is off in his room playing video games.


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