Introducing New Series: Mobile Apps

I find it strange that the night I brought my new phone home I couldn’t even use it as a phone. A mixup with my new sim card ment I was limited to WiFi connectivity. Though frustrating it really didn’t affect what I wanted to do with it that first night. When it comes right down to it my Milestone isn’t about having a phone at all its about having a platform to run applications and interact with the world and by world I mean internet. The biggest challenge any competitor to the iPhone has is not the OS, Android 2.0 is as good, and in some was better than iPhone OS. A phone like the Milestone delivers an experience that rivals the iPhone and in some areas, like the Hardware keyboard,  surpasses it. That said the iPhone is the king of the app, with more than 140,000. Android by comparison has  just over 45,000. That’s quite a difference, though in both cases a small percentage are worth installing. What matters to users is that the apps they use or want to use be available for their platform of choice.

So I am starting a series of posts about Mobile Apps. Mostly for Android but I am going to try to include some iPhone/iPod Touch apps. I also want to compare the same application on the different platforms, that will probably have to wait till Melissa gets her iPhone or I bite the built and upgrade her Touch.  I’m planing on writing up an app a week, so stay tuned for the first installment next week.


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