Photo Fatigue

I had looked forward to having my new phone for so many reasons. One of them was that it would make it easier to do Project 365. So far its been mixed. Yes its nice that I can write my post right after I snap the picture. Its been great for blogging in general but over the last few days I’m finding it becoming harder to find a moment to capture. When I do I find one I’m writing less and less about it. I think the task of taking 365 pictures is starting to get to me, and I’m not even a third of the way into it.

As I write this I’m trying to figure out why I am feeling this fatigue. What is the source of my block, is it the pictures themselves or is it the writeup I’ve tried to include each day. Is it really just writers block? If so how do you get past writers block?

Really there are more questions than answers, though I wonder if yesterdays post might contain part of  the answer. Yesterdays post was of two Photos on display at Jane Station, then and now. I have seen them in at least one other station and I want to try to capture them and share them on my blog. This challenge of tracking them all down,  has me think about the Photo of the day more than I have for weeks. Perhaps that is the solution, to challenge myself. In that end I will ask my readers what sorts of photos should I take for Project 365?


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