Project 365-182: Lets go to the movies


Today we finally found time to head out to the theaters to watch Toy Story 3. They way it work out it was a boys afternoon at the theatre, with Melissa and Violet heading off to the Gym. Jacob was very excited to see Toy Story 3 and it was hard to get him to pose for a picture in front of the theatre.

The movie it’s was great, I’m not sure if it’s better or worse than the original or the first sequel, but it was a great way to come back to the story. If anything the problem was to many interesting characters that we couldn’t really get to know any of the new toys. On a more somber thought, seeing the Toys locked in the toy-box desperately trying to have Andy play with them again was a sad reminder of the loss of innocence all kids go through as they grow up. I found myself wondering if when Jacob is ready to go off to college if he’d have any of his childhood toys. Maybe his Woody or Buzz. Perhaps Coco will last through the years.

Our bonus pictures are from inside the theatre as we waited for the show to start:





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