Project 365-195: Chasing the Ducks


Today we packed up the kids, a couple of coolers, and headed out to the Toronto Island for a picnic with friends.  The kids seemed to like the ferry ride. When we got to the island we found some picnic tables and BBQ’d up some hot dogs. After the food the kids had some fun chasing the growing number of ducks around our picnic tables. It was good fun for the little ones. In our picture of the day, Jacob is telling Sofia and Violet not to chase the birds. Then he runs past them after the birds. In a day of great moments and with over 500 pictures on the two camera’s Melissa and I brought, this stood out as a great choice for Picture of the day. There is a lot more I could say about our day, including our brief trip to Centre Ville but that’ll have to wait. I’ll see about putting together something more with more of the photos in the next couple of days… Of course I should probably write-up last week picnic first. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll get a chance to catch up on some of my blogging.

Bonus Pictures are some close ups of the kids chasing the ducks:


Of course Gabby was to little to chase Ducks so she just played some cards.



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