Project 365-201: Watching the Clock


I like my Job, on most days I find the work challenging and often find that the end of the day comes without me realising it. Either my boss will call on the intercom and ask if I’m wrapping up, or Melissa will IM me and ask if I’m heading home soon. But today, though the project I’m working on is fun and challenging I found myself looking at the clock. Wishing the minutes would go by faster. See today was my last day of work before my vacation. Sure it’s only a week off and we’re not going anywhere exciting, but I’m really looking forward to spending a the time with Melissa and the kids. After all everything is changing, Jacob starts school in just over a month and Violet just keeps growing up, learning new works and getting into new mischief. Its time I want with the family. We will be doing things during our vacation, visiting friends and family, perhaps a trip to the island or maybe Ontario Place. Maybe even take a family ride over to high park for a day of picnicking and family fun. We may only have 10 days, but we’ll make the most of them.

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