Project 365-206: I don’t know what to say


Today Melissa and I rushed Violet to the Just For Kids clinic at St. Joes. We rushed because we wanted to get there before they closed. The web said that was 8 but the secretary said we should be there before 7 next time. We were seen because the doctors were standing there when we walked in and said they’d be back shortly(they’d been called to the Er). I was confused why they would post the Hours as till 8 but not want anyone to come during the last hour. Wouldn’t that mean that they really closed at 7? The only thing I could find that supported what the secretary said was the sign in the picture.  The waiting room was nearly empty so it just didn’t make sence. I understand wanting to leave early but shouldn’t the kids be more important.

Update on Violet, she’s doing ok except for ulcers  in her moth that cause her a lot of pain. We’ve got medication and hope that it will clear up in the next few days.


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