Mobile Monday: Fancy Widget


Today’s app isn’t an app at all, it’s a Widget. Fancy Widget is a simple widget that shows Time, Date and weather on your home screen. I’ve tried a few different widgets for this but overall I like the clean look of this one best. Though in truth I’m not sure if I like devoting 2 rows of my home screen to this information.

CAP2010122011381The app has a number of settings that allow you to customize how it looks and works. The support for skins allows for any number of changes to the look and feel, though I’ve never felt the need to move from the standard look. It also supports events with clicking on the different aspects of the widget, the date, time or weather. By default they bring up the settings but can easily be changed to launch the app of your choice. The weather defaults to a weather screen that has a more detailed view of the current weather plus a 4 day forecast. There is a free and paid version and though I’m considering the moving to the paid version to support the developer but haven’t yet.


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