Project 365-344: Ginerbread House


After the relative success we had at Halloween finding candies that were Peanut and Nut Free, I felt confident we wouldn’t have a problem during the Christmas season. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. It seems like it’s twice as hard to find. There are old stand buys like Hersey Kisses but the other day when going through some of the festive packs I saw that they may contain Shea, a nut. So now I find myself having to double-check everything. Luckily today we found something we’ve been looking for. We found a peanut free Gingerbread House Kit. Of course even it gave as a moment of pause, with the list of ingredients is a warning ‘Always Read Labels Carefully as not all Products are Made in a Peanut-Free Facility’. What does that mean? There is a big Peanut free label on the front and that warning on the back. What are we to do?

We think that the box has different packages of treats inside and that some of them are made in a facilities that also process nuts, but it’s damn confusing and though we are looking forward to having an afternoon building a Gingerbread House I’m also going to be going over everything that comes out of that box before I let Violet near it.

Our bonus picture is of the Cryptic message on the back:DSC_0409


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