Project 365-347: Chicken Pox?

ChickenphotoToday Jacob announced. To his substitute teach that he had Chicken Pox. This of course isn’t TRUE, if he had them we’d never have sent him to school. What he does have 2 spider bites (not the first time he’s had them, the first time was in the summer and we freaked out about them). Today before school Melissa was talking on the phone with a friend talking about the kids in Jacob’s school  who does have Chicken Pox. I guess kit goes to show you that little ears are always listening.

What I don’t understand is that when Melissa picked him up the teacher pulled her inside and said, Jacob said he had chicken pox, and that he was sent to the office and they believed it to be Chicken pox. Melissa assured them they weren’t but if it were or if they thought they were shouldn’t they have sent him home?


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