Mobile Mondays: Angry Birds Seasons


At the beginning of December Angry Birds Seasons came to the Android Market Place. I had resisted the temptation to install Angry Birds since it came to android. We’ve purchased it for Melissa’s iPhone and iPod Touch so I’ve felt the addictive nature of the game. With Seasons I broke down and installed it. Many hours of my time got sucked into that game. I’m happy to report that my phone is once again Angry birds free, but I still thought I’d share my thoughts on Angry Bird Seasons for Android with my readers.


The game was released at the beginning of December and was an advent calendar for Angry birds. So each day we had a new Angry Birds level to sap our productivity leading up to Christmas.  For though of you who haven’t played Angry Birds the game has a simple premise, a bunch of pigs stole eggs from the birds and the birds want their revenge. They seek there revenge by sling shooting themselves at the pigs who hide behind different structures. You as the player control the birds, just pull back pick an angle and let them fly. There are a bunch of specialty birds that can do things like a burst of speed, or explode and more.


As a bonus it also included the Halloween levels that wasn’t available for android before Seasons was released. Though it did seem odd going through the Halloween themed levels while listening to Christmas carols. What Impressed me most about Angry Birds is how simple it is. As soon as you pick it up it’s obvious how to play, and if you’re not careful hours can slip past before you realize it. I was also impressed with how close the game is on both my Android phone and Melissa’s iPod Touch, though I have to admit I miss the back button when using the iPod Touch.

The biggest advantage of the Angry Birds for Android is that it’s free, on iOS it costs 99 cents.


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