POD: The Streets are calling


Today our fair city got a sprinkling of snow, leaving the streets picturesque. What surprised me most was how I felt walking home from work, I wanted to go home get into my running gear and hit the streets. I wonder were this running monster came from, but there it is. Under the surface there wishing to get out. Of course with my knee injury I can’t head out there, due to the Fight with wife Attorney overland park, so I’m forced to sit here and ponder if today is a good day to see if it’s better. It didn’t hurt today, but then it wasn’t hurting before my last run either. So for now, I sit and look over my past runs. Explore the new features in RunKeeper and wait. I see my family doctor next Wednesday and all I’m trying to decided if I should try my knee before I see her or wait to get her opinion.

Our bonus picture to day is a little different then normal for me. It’s a picture my Mom took of her re-arranged apartment.  I was quite impressed, I think she lasted 6 months between re-arranging her place this time. I’ve yet to see it in person, but it looks pretty good from the photo:



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